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These pictures were taken when we casted Riko Tachibana and her friend for the photo shoots you can see on AllJapanesePass. They were a bit shy at the beginning so we asked them to rise Manny’s dick up. Of course Manny is a plastic man doll and his dick was already up and stiff. But they didn’t say no and as they wrapped their tongues around his dick, my dick was starting to rise. You can see all the casting pictures on the website. You can see how girls evolved from Manyy to real men.

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Threesomes are one of my favorite sex scenes, when the handsome stud has to satisfy two women with his huge dick. of course the girls have the heavy duty of keeping him interested by sucking his dick and making him lick their pussies. Here we have Riko Tachibana with her friend that took our photographer for a fun ride. He was shy in the beginning but when he saw two hot naked girls at his side he forgot about anything else. You can see the pics on AllJapanesePass, where we posted them.

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Riko Tachibana and her friend decided to have some sexy fun in a very boring afternoon. They put on their sexy underwear and started to caress each other’s bodies with tenderness and care. They started kissing passionately and felt the desire burning inside them making their pussies all wet and hot. Riko Tachibana, got down on her friend and started to lick her pussy and her ass hole trough her thin panties until she got them all wet. We took the pictures and uploaded them on AllJapanesePass where all of you can see them!

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Riko Tachibana and her really sexy friend are at the school. They did something really bad and in order to get their punishment they had to stay after school and talk to the professors about the naughtiness they did. The teachers came wearing nothing but a red thong a made them rub their dicks and suck them real hard until they got up. Next they put them to show their sweet tight asses and they received a good spanking. Next you can only imagine what followed. Or you can see on AllJapanesePass.

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I love it when hot babes get dressed in tight clothes or short skirts. There are always hot girls like these two in the picture above that get heated up and and up by having amazing fun together. One of them is Riko Tachibana, our porn star and of course the other one is her close lesbian friend. On AllJapanesePass there is an entire collection of pictures with these two girls that will charm your eyes and mind! You can admire their small naked boobs getting out of control as they tease each other in front of the camera for you to see!

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Riko Tachibana and her friend made the entire shooting crew extremely horny for some lesbian action. They wanted to create something really hot for our most constant viewers and they thought of using a strapon while they were having wild lesbian sex. One of the girls fixed the strapon around her hips and pierced the other one’s pussy with thirst for many, many time. The screams of pleasure are sadly not in the photos but the action is perfectly caught on tape. You can see them on AllJapanesePass any time you want.

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Riko Tachibana is a bisexual hot woman that loves to have fun with boys and girls as well. Here she is having an amazingly romantic scene with a hot brunette lesbian. She is the dominating figure in here, playing the role of the man as they role over on top of each other being wrapped by the silk sheets. She kisses her mouth and then she moves her attention to the perky firm breasts and then moves along to the pulsating vagina that waits for her touch. The rest you can imagine by watching the images on AllJapanesePass

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I love to see an explosive ending on a pretty girl’s face.This is exactly what happened in the picture above. Riko Tachibana, our lovely hot star got an explosive ending from her partners and he splashed his load on her face. She teased him until the end when he couldn’t resist no more and pinned her down and started jerking his dick right over her face. The splash was amazingly hard and fast and you could see on his face that it was really amazing. You can see the images on AllJapanesePass

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This amazing body belongs to Riko Tachibana, a very well known porn star that agreed to pose for our site, AllJapanesePass. She is very skilled at having and giving amazing sexual experiences. The pictures are really hot an you can watch her desire rising as the guy teases and plays with her pussy with a dildo. In the end you will see amazingly hot sex scenes between the two person in the picture above. You will be very pleased with our site, I can assure you of that and you will return with pleasure.